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ad iustitiam simul ac amorem Christi erga pauperes ubique fovendum (Gaudium et Spes, 90)

Why this site?

On this site you can find a selection of annotated resources available on the web to better understand, apply and communicate the Encyclical Laudato si’ of Pope Francis.

What you can find here

A huge number of responses quickly flooded the web after the release of Laudato si’ on 18 June 2015 - instant comments, reactions and introductory presentations of the Encyclical. It would not be possible to give even a partial summary of all that material here, much less collect all of it. Therefore, you will not find those types of communications here unless they fit - along with other resources - into specific and extensive special sections. Instead, we have focused on more in-depth materials that are useful for deeper study.

Of special interest are items that help open up new perspectives in the reading of Laudato si'. Such materials give examples of its implementation and transmission, tell about good practices that the Encyclical has catalyzed, and give an idea of how the document is being received within and outside of religious contexts.

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  • Beati Voi - Laudato Si'

    Una serie speciale della trasmissione di TV2000, "Beati Voi", dedicata all’ enciclica del Papa “Laudato si’”, 

  • Ecojesuit
    Various articles in Ecojesuit, a website connecting jesuits, people and ecology 
  • Apuntes para una clase sobre la encíclica Laudato si'
    Comentario-resumen de la encíclica Laudato si' con unas ideas para una clase. Collationes.org selecciona recursos bibliográficos para quienes desean profundizar en la fe católica, incluyendo contenidos específicos para sacerdotes.
  • Per una lettura laica

    Un commento all'enciclica di Andrea Carandini, presidente del Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

  • Loué sois-tu
    Présentation de l’Encyclique Loué sois-tu par Mgr Brunin, évêque du Havre, président du Conseil Famille et Société, Elena Lasida, économiste, chargée de mission pour Justice et Paix, et Nicolas Hulot, envoyé spécial du Président Hollande pour la protection de la planète.
  • El cuidado de la creación. Una mirada desde el desarollo humano, integral y solidarios
    Ciclo formativo del Secretariado Nacional de Pastoral Social de Conferencia Episcopal de Colombia. Una respuesta al llamado que encontramos en el número 13 de Laudato Si´: “El desafío urgente de proteger nuestra casa común incluye la preocupación de unir a toda la familia humana en la busqueda de un desarrollo sostenible e integral, pues sabemos que las cosas pueden cambiar”
  • Meet the monks who decided to go green years before Laudato Si
    Years before Pope Francis’ recent ecology encyclical was published, a Trappist monastery in Virginia went back to its spiritual roots by embracing environmental stewardship. In Catholic News Agency (2/9/2015)
  • "Custodire l’intera creazione": un servizio del Vescovo di Roma

    Editoriale de La Civiltà Cattolica

  • Laudato Si’ Reflection Resource
    A group resource to bring the encyclical to life
  • Children and their future in our common home
    Cardinal Turkson addressed UNICEF House at the United Nations in New York. He spoke about the Encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato si’, and how it relates to children and to their future (30/6/2015).
  • Mumbia, India: Bandra's St. Peter’s featured in Eco-Parish Guide
    The St. Peter’s Church in Bandra, Mumbai, is one of the model parishes featured in anew ecology guide that inspires and give spractical ideas to Catholics across the world to combat climate change.
  • Nous sommes tous interconnectés!
    Monsieur Henri Muhiya, Secrétaire National de la CERN (Commission épiscopale pour les ressources naturelles), vient témoigner depuis la République Démocratique du Congo de l'urgence d'agir pour le climat et pour les populations déjà très impactées comme celle du Congo. Secours Catholique Caritas France
  • Integral ecology: everything is connected
    by Thomas Reese, in National Catholic Reporter (27/8/2015)
  • La propuesta de Francisco
    Con su encíclica sobre el medio ambiente, el Papa ha probado ser un humanista excepcional. De Bernardo Klilskberg, asesor principal del Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo. El País, 29/8/2015.
  • Chiesa italiana - 11ª Giornata per la Custodia del Creato

    Sussidio in preparazione alla Giornata per la Custodia del Creato del 1° settembre 2016, con vari richiami alla Laudato Si'. Disponibile anche il link al messaggio dei vescovi italiani. A cura della Commissione episcopale per i problemi sociali e il lavoro, la giustizia e la pace e della Commissione episcopale per l'ecumenismo e il dialogo interreligioso.

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What resources?

To present the material effectively, we have organized the materials according to four categories: 1. sites completely or largely dedicated to Laudato si’ 2. aids and guides with a primarily educational or pastoral purpose 3. short essays, articles and speeches that are worthy of careful study and/or open new perspectives 4. videos.
Materials in five languages – English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish – have been collected.

A final criterion concerns accessibility: On this site, you will find only resources that are easy to access and free of charge; therefore, we have not included articles or books that require payment or some form of subscription or registration for consulting them. Il sito è strutturato in cinque lingue: inglese, francese, italiano portoghese e spagnolo.

Un ultimo criterio riguarda l'accessibilità: in questo sito troverai solo risorse liberamente e gratuitamente accessibili; non abbiamo quindi incluso articoli o libri a pagamento o che comunque richiedono per la consultazione una qualche forma di abbonamento o registrazione.

What you can bring

This site presents a selection of contents that should be updated continually, in hopes of providing useful working tools and of giving an idea of the enormous impact that Pope Francis’s Encyclical is having throughout the world.

In the same spirit, having visited the site, your suggestions are very welcome to enlarge and improve the collection offered here. Please, write to encyclical2016@justpeace.va

World map

This map collects the resources on this website according to the geographical area in which they were produced or of which they speak