Pontificium Consilium de Justitia et Pace

ad iustitiam simul ac amorem Christi erga pauperes ubique fovendum (Gaudium et Spes, 90)

Why this site?

On this site you can find a selection of annotated resources available on the web to better understand, apply and communicate the Encyclical Laudato si’ of Pope Francis.

What you can find here

A huge number of responses quickly flooded the web after the release of Laudato si’ on 18 June 2015 - instant comments, reactions and introductory presentations of the Encyclical. It would not be possible to give even a partial summary of all that material here, much less collect all of it. Therefore, you will not find those types of communications here unless they fit - along with other resources - into specific and extensive special sections. Instead, we have focused on more in-depth materials that are useful for deeper study.

Of special interest are items that help open up new perspectives in the reading of Laudato si'. Such materials give examples of its implementation and transmission, tell about good practices that the Encyclical has catalyzed, and give an idea of how the document is being received within and outside of religious contexts.

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  • L’enciclica Laudato Si' e l’ecologia integrale in don Luigi Sturzo

    Riflessione di Mons. Michele Pennisi, Arcivescovo di Monreale (Italia) e Membro del Pontificio Consiglio della Giustizia e della Pace.

  • A Conversation with Sister Simone Campbell
    An interview with Sister Simone Campbell, lawyer, poet, author and executive director of the Network social justice group, in America (6/11/2015)
  • Opus Dei: 10 consejos del Papa Francisco para cuidar el medioambiente
    Con ocasión de la nueva Jornada Mundial de Oración por el Cuidado de la Creación, que se celebrará el 1 de septiembre, compartimos algunos consejos que el Papa Francisco nos regala en su última encíclica Laudato si'.
  • Understanding Laudato Si' Series
    Series with various videos by Daniel Horan OFM
  • Thinking Faith
    Various articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain. Special focus: how do we get from Laudato Si to the Year of Mercy (and back)
  • Card. Turkson calls for action to stop HIV transmission to children
    Welcome of card. Turkson to the participants to the Second Meeting of Directors of Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Industries for children living with HIV: Consultation on “Fast-Tracking Paediatric HIV Diagnosis and Treatment”
  • AFRICA “Praise be to you”, a demand for justice
    Interviw with Anglican Reverend Geoff Davies, director of the Southern Africa Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, an inter-faith environmentalist organization formed in 2006 by a collaboration among African Traditional Healers, Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish.
  • Développement et Paix Canada - Laudato Si
    Plusieurs ressources pour aider à amorcer propre réflexion personnelle sur la résolution des défis des changements climatiques, en particulier pour frères et sœurs dans les pays du Sud, qui souffrent le plus de leurs répercussions. Développement et Paix - Organisation catholique canadienne pour le développement et la paix - est l’organisme officiel de solidarité internationale de l’Église catholique au Canada et le membre canadien de Caritas Internationalis.
  • Alla scoperta della Laudato si'

    Tutti gli interventi al dibattito aperto dal FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) sulla Enciclica di Francesco. Articoli di Marco Vitale, Andrea Carandini, Giulia Maria Crespi, Gad Lerner, Lucetta Scaraffia, Mchelangelo Pistoletto, Giancarlo Bosetti, Salvatore Veca, Michele Salvati, Wim Wenders.

  • Convocados para el cuidado y el reconocimiento de nuestra casa común a través de una ecología integral
    Articulo de Sylvia Miclat trabaja para el instituto de Ciencia Medioambiental para el Cambio Social, un organización de investigación jesuita en Filipinas que promueve la sostenibilidad medioambiental y la justicia social a través de la integración de metodologías y científicas y procesos sociales y que conecta por toda Asia Pacífico con una agenda de ciencia para la sostenibilidad.
  • Fore.Yale
    News articles, videos, FAQ, events related to Pope Francis, climate change, and the environment. Resources of Fore.Yale, The Forum on Religion and Economy at Yale University 
  • Franciscan missionary translates "Laudato Sì" into Indonesian
    Fr. Martin Harun, of Dutch origin, wanted to translate the document "to express gratitude to God" and "respect" for the Pope. The text, welcomed "with enthusiasm" by the faithful, is available on the Indonesian Bishops' Conference website.
  • Diocesi di Milano - Speciale Enciclica
    Speciale della Diocesi di Milano, a partire dall'intervento del cardinale Angelo Scola
  • Climate of Faith
    Scientists have spoken on climate change. But will it take a leap of faith for people to change? By Laura Paskus, in Santa Fe Reporter (16/12/2015). 
  • Laudato Si, care of our common home

    Resources by Catholic Earthcare Australia, the ecological agency for the Catholic Church in Australia.

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What resources?

To present the material effectively, we have organized the materials according to four categories: 1. sites completely or largely dedicated to Laudato si’ 2. aids and guides with a primarily educational or pastoral purpose 3. short essays, articles and speeches that are worthy of careful study and/or open new perspectives 4. videos.
Materials in five languages – English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish – have been collected.

A final criterion concerns accessibility: On this site, you will find only resources that are easy to access and free of charge; therefore, we have not included articles or books that require payment or some form of subscription or registration for consulting them. Il sito è strutturato in cinque lingue: inglese, francese, italiano portoghese e spagnolo.

Un ultimo criterio riguarda l'accessibilità: in questo sito troverai solo risorse liberamente e gratuitamente accessibili; non abbiamo quindi incluso articoli o libri a pagamento o che comunque richiedono per la consultazione una qualche forma di abbonamento o registrazione.

What you can bring

This site presents a selection of contents that should be updated continually, in hopes of providing useful working tools and of giving an idea of the enormous impact that Pope Francis’s Encyclical is having throughout the world.

In the same spirit, having visited the site, your suggestions are very welcome to enlarge and improve the collection offered here. Please, write to encyclical2016@justpeace.va

World map

This map collects the resources on this website according to the geographical area in which they were produced or of which they speak